British Schools of Karate

Richard Hunt, Prof. Steve Hunt, Lloyd Hunnigan, Dave Hunt, Ron Hunt 

Alan Hunt (Ron's son)

Dave Hunt & Roy Mc Donald in Jersey with 2 of his students

Bottom left Ron Hunt, Centre Dave Hunt

Ron Hunt scoring at Crystal Palace National Championships

Kids Class group photo

Dave Hunt & Ed Parker in Jersey

L to R Steve Hunt Dave Hunt Ron Hunt Karate Demo 


 Maurice Mahon centre, Dave Hunt left & Roy Mc Donald right from the Jersey Karate School (see here)            

Myself and Paul where members of the Streatham Karate Club in the 70s under Chief Instructor Graham Mitchell

Roy Mc Donald Jersey Karate School

Terry Lawless, Frank Bruno & Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt in Jersey with 2 of Roy Mc Donald's students

Dave Naughton, Dave was training with me many years ago and still training hard. See him on YouTube Click Here

Dave Hunt with Benny the Jet Urquidez World Kickboxing Champion for 27yrs  More about Benny

My first instructor:  Graham Mitchell Chief Instructor Streatham Karate Club, a tough and hard man.

Another of my Japanese Instructors, Peter Suzuki

Streatham Karate Club, Second place Crystal Palace National Karate Championships

Left to right, Alan Bryant, Dave Hunt, Bert Cooper, Capt Graham Mitchell, Richard ? & Dave Hook see more

Justin Hunt demonstrating Kata

Justin Hunt Breaking Tiles

Ron Hun Breaking Demo

Dave Hunt breaking Demo

Top row 2nd from left Mick Travers Kempo Ireland, Unknown, Dave Hunt. George Bishop Newhaven karate club, 2 from left bottom row George Canning,

Master Hironori Otsuka - Founder of Wado Kai Karate (1892-1982)

Maurice Mahon Dublin Kempo Karate Demonstation

This picture was sent to me by Keith Lebihan, Left Graham Mitchell, Tryrone White (Ishin Ryu) John Smith BKA Bujinkai Plymouth,    

   Timmy Francis (Ishin Ryu), Richard Norblett(Wado Ryu)  on the right Ticky Donovan (Ishin Ryu) See more here about Ticky

Dave Hunt & Meiji Suzuki

Meiji Suzuki, Dave Hunt, Peter Meijic

Dave Hunt, Michael Watson about Michael, Richard Hunt & Steve Hunt

Dave Hunt & Wayne Mc Cullough see more about Wayne here

Kempo Club Dublin with Dave Hunt 2nd from left.

Mick Mc Manus & Dave Hunt  see more about Mick

Dave Hunt scoring Crystal Palace National Championships

Dave Hunt & George Canning - George's gym Dublin


Master Hironori Otsuka - Founder of Wado Kai Karate (1892-1982) with his Japanese Instructors

London Karate Club Members


John Bose Sensei (former well know fire fighter for the London Fire Brigade) presenting awards to Junior fighters

Kingston ,Surrey in 1979 Dave Shephard  Black belt attacking on the left

Dave Shephard  2nd Dan on the left at the Wado Ryu Karate Seminar in Shropshire 2008

Dave Hunt & Darren Mc Donald          Darren Mc Donald  Face Book    

                                                                   Welcome to the site of John McDonald - Boxing's Favourite MC!

John McDonald - Boxing MC and Ring Announcer

My good friend John

 Instructor left, Keith Strack, 3rd from left David Hunt, right Stephen Guest

My Nephew Lee


1969/70 Newhaven Karate Club, Steve Watts, Dave Hunt, Mick & Kevin, Steve sent me this photo, he is now living in Wellington NZ


                                       My karate friend Steve Watts, receiving his Astrology Certificate Award 1996, from the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology

My Daughter Cristal Hunt 18mths young.

My Daughter Cristal Hunt 2yrs young



Some of my good friends

John Smith, Ticky Donovan & Graham Mitchell



Condolences and respect to our Dear Martial Arts Buddy and friend for over 30yrs.

Wackey Dempsey, you will be missed but not forgotten.

From all your friends at the British Schools of Karate.  

And respect and condolences to all your family and friends. from Prof. George Canning from World Mu-Gen-do University.  


Wackey & his loving wife Marie

Members of The Wexford Academy of Martial Arts paying Tribute to a friend and colleague Wacky Brendan Dempsey R.I.P