1969-70 Newhaven Karate Club, Steve Watts, Dave Hunt, Mick & Kevin, Steve sent me this photo, he is now living in Wellington NZ Charlie Magri & Dave Hunt, helping Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Charlie Magri, Ray Fallone & Dave Hunt Dave Hunt & Wayne Mc Cullough, what a Boxer. Dave Hunt in Prof Canning studio Dublin Eire. George is still going strong and a good friend of mine Dave Hunt scoring with roundhouse Kick, Crystal Palace National Championships. Dave Hunt with Benny the Jet Urquidez World Kickboxing Champion for 27yrs See more about Benny the Jet. Dave Hunt with Japanese Instructor Dave hunt with Meiji Suzuki Dave Hunt with Peter Suzuki Dave Hunt with World renowned Ed Parker, this was in the Jersey Kempo School of Roy McDonald. Dave Hunt, Breaking Demo Dave Hunt, Michael Watson, Richard Hunt, & Steve Hunt Dave Hunt, with young Darren McDonald Dave Naughton in his Dojo. Dave Naughton, Dave was training with me many years ago and still training hard. Old school Karate. Dave Shephard 2nd Dan on the left at the Wado Ryu Karate Seminar in Shropshire 2008 Graham Mitchell, Tyrone White, John Smith, Timmy Francis, Richard Norblett, Ticky Donovan Instructor left, Keith Strack, 3rd from left David Hunt, right Stephen Guest John Bose, karate friend from Streatham Karate club. And retired fireman. Still a good friend John McDonald MC, John is a good friend of mine. Justin Hunt, breaking Demo Justin Hunt, Kata Demo Karate Demo, Ron Hunt, Dave Hunt, Steve Hunt. Keith Lebihan, teaching Ladies self defence. Kempo boys, Dublin. Eire. Dave Hunt 2nd from left. Kempo friends, Jersey School. Kempo Karate boys with Dave Hunt. Kids class group Photo Kingston ,Surrey in 1979 Dave Shephard Black belt attacking on the left Kingston Karate club members. Front Ron Hunt & Dave Hunt London Karate Club Members Marice Mahon, Kempo Master doing a demo in Jersey. Master Hironori Otsuka  Founder of Wado Kai Karate 1892-1982 with his Japanese Instructor Maurice Mahon centre, Dave Hunt left & Roy Mc Donald right from the Jersey Karate School. Meiji Suzuki, Dave Hunt & Peter Meijic Mick Mc Manus & Dave Hunt, Mick is a World renowned Wrestle My first instructor Graham Mitchell Chief Instructor Streatham Karate Club, a tough and hard man. My good friend and Karate buddy Paul Lynch, from Streatham karate Club. My nephew Lee Jex, his website www.leejex.com Prof George Canning, Dave Hunt & Brian Crowley sadly missed Richard Hunt, Steve Hunt, Lloyd Hunnigan, Dave Hunt & Rons son Alan. Ron Hunt scoring Crystal Palace National Championships. Ron Hunt, breaking Demo Roy McDonald with Dave Hunt in Jersey Channel Islands Some great Karate celebrities. Streatham Karate Club, Second place Crystal Palace National Karate Championships stroda Terry Lawless, Frank Bruno & Dave Hunt
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